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is there any life like the one you live on sundays? you could string sundays together and get the whole of a person’s dreams. sundays i sleep too late and eat something bright for breakfast — a yolky egg, some blueberries, lox. walk to the store instead of taking the train just because i’ve got the time to move my body in the day. remember i too am an animal on this planet. the light in the kitchen windows is softer, slower, still fades before you’re ready. i don’t remember the luxury of that runny egg but at the other end of the day i’m going to take a bath just for the sake of scent. something is going to make me cry but because i saw the sun today it will be the good kind, not creaky but gentle. not desperate, but honest.

there are things i still want, maybe more than ever, but it’s not time, yet, it’s okay, let the water run until it’s hot, put on some jazz but change your mind at the last minute and indulge in a pop song on repeat, it’s sunday evening and the living is hard but it’s never been easier.

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